Diuretic Foods: What You Should Know About It?

Diuretic foods
Diuretic foods: An Overview Diuretic foods list needs to be referred to if you are looking for a cure in natural form for reducing water content in the body. The list of foods includes a whole lot of vegetables including asparagus, cucumber and cabbage. When these food items are taken the body gets stimulated to get rid of all the water in excess through urine. One of the common side effects of diuretics is visiting the toilet frequently since the excess water passes through urine. (more&hell...

A Beginner’s Guide to Weight Loss

Healthy Weight Loss
Losing weight is the toughest thing in human life, but that toughest thing can be done handsomely when there is a perfect guidance. We all are aware of this thing that eating sweets and delicious food are difficult to avoid but it is not impossible. There are different myths related to issues such as that human weight is due to genetics and not because of the habits of eating and due to this losing weight has following the common stereotypes of our society. Different researches have proved that ...