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General Curriculum
Art, Crafts and Music
Unit Studies
Homeschooling Communities

Used Curriculum Listings Here!

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You will find alot of homeschool resources and free stuff at The Homeschool Mom.com website. While there be sure to sign up for her FREE weekly newsletter full of helpful ideas.

The National Home Education Network
Provides information, networking, and promotion for homeschoolers on a national level. They exist to encourage and facilitate the work of state and local homeschooling groups and individuals. You'll find information on how to get started with homeschooling, deschooling, scheduling, dealing with criticism, learning about learning, homeschooling methods, legal information, socialization, support, conferences, resources, financial considerations, and looking beyond homeschooling. A great resource site!

General Curriculum

Christian Book.com
The Homeschool Resources division of this company offers a lot of homeschooling materials and curriculums at discount prices. They carry Alpha Omega and Bob Jones curriculums, Saxon Math, Learning Language Arts Through Literature and so much more! On the bottom of their home page you can click to request their catalog.

CTIR Publications
Want to add a global focus to your curriculum?  The University of Denver's Center for Teaching International Relations creates fun, flexible textbooks that give your students a global perspective.  Our books adhere to national education standards and are inter-disciplinary.  All books include ready-to-use activities and many include access to online resources.  Study areas include: Latin America, Africa, Georgraphy, Science, Math, International Law, Russian Studies and Economics.  Visit our online catalog!

Greenleaf Press
100% Twaddle-free books for all your schooling needs. The owners of Greenleaf Press have put together some excellent resources and guides for teaching unit studies geared around ancient history. Go to their website and request their free catalog.

Love To Learn
Another great educational resources guide! The Hopkins and their 7 children have examined their resources and given them passing grades for "fun and interesting". They have also designed some of their own curriculum. The product descriptions in their catalog are personal and informative making it easy to choose what is best for your homeschooling needs. You can request this helpful catalog at their website.

Teacher Created Materials
All kinds of teaching resources, over 1500 products! One of my favorites that I have used alot is their Thematic Unit books. You can find one on just about any time period such as Medieval Times, Ancient Greece, Rome and World War II to name a few. The primary grade ones are fun, too, such as Insects and The Five Senses. In their Art section the Creative Kids books is a great series of arts, crafts and activities books for your  5-9 year old. (see sample pages from the Creative Kids Simple Gardening Fun. Just click on the gardening book graphic in the upper right)

Timberdoodle Co.
Excellent hands on material for all subjects. The catalog is great reading material! Dan & Deb have put their homescooling experience and wisdom in their product descriptions taking out some of the guess work. You can request their catalog on their website in the services section.Click here for their Curriculum Recommendations.

Homeschool World
Mary Pride's Website!
The official site of Practical Homeschooling magazine and The Big Book of Home Learning. A very professionally done website loaded with information. You can also access their Home Life Catalog full of
homeschooling and family products! Lots of homeschooling articles available by many of your favorite authors such as Karen Andreola, Rob and Cyndy Shearer, Jessica Hulcy, Sam Blumenfeld, Kathy von Duyke, Cathy Duffy and more.

Hands on Homeschooling - not just for homeschoolers!
Activities for toddlers and preschoolers. Homeschool curriculums for ages 2, 3, and 4 or a NEW Idea Book with over 500 activities. All books are geared towards hands on activities with children - let them learn and have fun at the same time. Curriculums include age
appropriate activities for math, science, cooking, social studies, Bible studies and general skills.

Education Pad
A Valuable Education Information Resource and Directory.

Easy Fun School
This website provides free articles, resource links, a free newsletter,
and many other features to help make homeschooling easier and more enjoyable, both for the child and the parent!! There are over 1100 lessons, crafts, and ideas for you to choose from on this website. 

Enki Education
Enki Education is a unique and innovative approach. We offer a multicultural, arts integrated curriculum for both classroom and homeschool programs. For parents and teachers we offer conferences, online discussion groups, and training programs. Enki Education weaves together many diverse elements in order to support our fundamental premise: the central task of education, whether in classroom or homeschool programs, is the integration of body, heart, and mind within each child. The result is the cultivation of educational excellence, confidence, and competence. We hope that you will find our site useful and worthy of being listed on your links page. 

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Textbook Source
This site can help you save on used college textbooks! In their Textbook Classified Ads you can buy and sell textbooks directly with college students all over the country. Sign up for their FREE "How to Get Good Grades in College" newsletter. You can learn more about how to save money on college textbooks by reading their Students Guide to College Textbooks located on their home page.

Used Homeschool Stuff
This website provides good used homeschooling materials at reasonable prices. 10,000 items listed so far! You can search by subject, publisher or grade level.

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Art, Crafts and Music

Jack & Susie's Arts and Crafts Supplies
6 Generations of needlework artisans. Over 50,000 arts, crafts and collectibles. Craft ideas, free patterns, Quilt-in-a-Day books, Alice Starmore knitting books!

History Alive Through Music
Diane Waring is the perfect history teacher! She truly makes learning history fun. Learning history by using music is the best way to help your child remember. When I think back about what I learned in school it's always the songs or poems that come to mind, even the songs that I made up with the answers to my tests! (oops!) Click on link for more info about History Alive!

Music Annotated Bibliography
This website, compiled by Dr. Ava L. McCall, has a nicely documented list of children's books, adult books, curriculum guides, tapes, CD's and general resources for adding music to your homeschool curriculum. Dr. McCall has given researched historical information about many of the books that she recommends. A great resource!

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Unit Studies

The Greenleaf Unit Study Guides 
Greenleaf Press has put together a wonderful set of guides to help you put together and organize a unit study on Ancient History. Titles include Old Testament, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, Middle Ages and Renaissance and Reformation. We have used all of these guides and I must say I have been very happy with them. They really helped to bring the culture to life and made the people and their lives real, not just a name and date in history. Greenleaf's catalog itself is an excellent resource to help you plan a unit study. You can request a catalog at their website.

Learning Adventures Unit Studies
Learning Adventures is a home based publishing company, dedicated to serving the needs of Christian home school families. Their Unit Study guides are World History based with American History study guides coming soon. Samples of the daily lesson plans are available at the website.

For an article on how to make the best use of EthnicGrocer.com for your Unit Study go to the Homeschooling page.

Amanda Bennett's Unit Study Adventures
Amanda Bennet's book How To Make A Unit Study was helpful when I 
was first persuing unit studies. She has since put together several unit studies on a variety of subjects like Baseball, Christmas, Oceans, Elections and more! There is alot of information and resources on her site. If you like unit studies its worth a look.

DEMCO Past Ports
Past Ports offers a complete 4 week Unit Study in a three-ring binder on your choice of Ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, Middle Ages, China, Americas, Spanish Explorations, Colonial America and the American Revolution. Along with their innovative unit study manual they offer all the extra books and materials to help make your study fun and complete. At their website you can download their complete binder unit on Spanish Exploration including a game, maps and lesson planning chart.

Total Language Plus
Great to use with a Unit Study
(more information here)

Heart of Wisdom
Lots of information at this site! Heart of Wisdom publishes a variety of homeschool materials to help Christian families bring up children with a heart's desire for true wisdom and knowledge from the Lord. 
Their Unit Studies are Bible-based guides through academic studies using living books, writing-to-learn activities, and Christian materials while interacting in a meaningful way with the massive amounts of information available on the Internet! 

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Kids Domain 
This site is filled with PC and Mac Shareware and Freeware Programs for Kids recommended by families and teachers. 1000's of Software Reviews, demos, programming for kids, and free graphics. On their Hints Heaven page I was so excited to find that they had hints for Kings Quest VII (I had been stuck for too long!) The Freeware downloads are grouped by age. You'll find brainbuilder software, such as dinos, space, reading, math, music, sports. Also crafts, holiday activities and contests! 


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