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Lehman's carries all your Homesteading needs. They have a large selection of pre-electric lights! Also, wood cookstoves and solar cookers. Click on link above and go take a look!

Family Homesteading Advocate
Simple living for the Urban and Rural Homesteader
Home Preparedness and Self-Sufficiency
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-Food Storage
-Pure Water
-Solar Power & Alternative Energy
-Alternative Housing & Building
-& More
Do you have information on Alternative Resources, such as energy/power, housing (including kit homes), and Home Preparedness?  If so, please go to our Family Homesteading Forums and share your info with other like-minded folks who are striving to be more self-sufficient! Or if you have questions concerning Alternative Resources, maybe someone will have an answer for you.
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Self-Sufficiency Section of the Forums


EEverything you need to be prepared for an emergency. At iPrepare.com you will find 72 hour Survival Kits, 55 gal.Water Storage Package, First Aid Kits, Water Purification kits, Food Storage Systems, Portable Stove, Battery powered Radio, Tents, Backpacks, Solar Blankets, Tools, Supplies and a whole lot more! There is only a $5.00 flat shipping fee for orders up to $100! What are you waiting for? Get prepared at iPrepare.com.

Be Prepared
This website provides a comprehensive checklist to give readers a fast-track action list to prepare for surviving chemical, nuclear, bioterrorism, and natural disasters.  They also have an educational section which is labeled Emergency Preparedness http://www.be-prepared.info/emergency-preparedness.html)

Visit Lehman's for all your homesteading needs. Gas powered refridgerators, pre-electric lights, homestead tools and a whole lot more. They also have a good list of helpful how-to books.

Emergency Preparedness Gear
Survival Kits and Emergency Supplies

Backwoods Solar Electric Systems
Backwoods Solar Electric Systems specializes in solar generated electricity for remote homes where utility lines are not available or not practical to access. Go to their website for a technical overview of home solar power. You will also find information on Choosing Appliances for a Solar Home, Planning/Sizing/Pricing Solar Electricity,  Wiring A Solar Electric Home and more. You can request one of their catalogs which contains detailed educational information and photos of their products. A great resource for all your solar needs.

Build a Solar Hydrogen Fuel Cell System
This site has several ebooks for those who like alternative energy topics.  Their material is for the do-it-yourselfer with interests in alternative energy such as building your own solar panels, fuel cells and solar hydrogen fuel cell systems.

Aqua Rain Natural Water Filter
The AquaRain® Natural Water Filter will provide your family and loved ones with laboratory proven safe drinking water ...without electricity, without plumbing, and without pressure or chemical pretreatments.

Home Power Journal
This is the website for the hands-on journal of home power. You cn download their complete current issue at their website along with articles and information from previous issues. Information on how solar power works, Home Power products, Renewable energy links and more are also available. Subscribe to Home Power today!

Maui Green Energy
This is a very interesting site that I found on Home Powers links page. I had never heard of Biodiesel, but it sounds promising and is a positive solution for our countries energy crisis. What, you ask, is biodiesel? Well, to quote from Maui Green Energy's FAQ page, "Biodiesel is a cleaner-burning diesel fuel, made from 100% natural, 100% renewable vegetable sources. Here are just a few of the vegetable oils that can be used to make biodiesel - rapeseed, palm tree, olive, peanut, soy bean, safflower, sunflower, castor, etc." They also mention that "Tests and demonstrations, however, have shown that biodiesel is no different from petroleum diesel in terms of engine performance and wear." Check out the list of companies that sell biodiesel. Some of them make their biodiesel from used cooking oil. Go to this website to find out more and be sure to look at all the photos of biodiesel vehicles that are currently in use.

Sierra Solar Systems
Sierra Solar Systems is a Full Service Renewable Energy Outfitter. They have been designing and supplying solar, wind, and micro-hydro electric systems all over the world for over 20 years. Almost their whole catalog is online now, but you can request a hard copy full of their products plus complete system design information.

Backwoods Home Magazine - practical ideas for self-reliant living
Backwoods Home Magazine can help you achieve a more self-sufficient lifestyle for you and your family. At their website you can read articles from their magazines, find recipes, tools and resources for self-reliant living.

Borders Solar Power
A full-service solar, wind, and hydro power information site for 'do-it-yourselfers' renewable energy projects.
This website offers solar energy, wind power, and hydropower systems and equipment. Plus you will find educational resources, complete design and technical support services and honest answers for do-it-yourself renewable energy projects.  Their products include a complete line of solar and wind equipment, solar panels, wind generators,  batteries, inverters, charge controllers, portable power kits, water pumps, energy efficient appliances and more!

Solar Power
Go Solar Power
A complete information site on solar power! Hundreds of links and resources are listed here along with articles and how-to information. You can also sign up for their free newsletter and keep up-to-date.

Power From The Sun
This site's main purpose is to acquaint you with the website owner's new how-to manual, The People's Guide to Basic Solar Power. He has discovered, through the trial and error of nearly a dozen years, that you can put a photovoltaic (sun generating) electrical system into your home, office or vehicle for FAR LESS than you have ever read or heard. Go to this website to find out more!

Professional Dome Plans
Plans that provide simple shop drawings and formulas for building 3v icosa, wood framed, panelized geodesic domes. The authors goal is to make dome building possible for anyone with the inclination. View sample pages on the website.

Always Be Prepared
We sell 1st Aid Kits, 72 hr kits, survival kits, Fire & Police supplies, & emergency preparedness supplies. With over 30 years in the emergency preparedness business we are your one stop for all emergency supplies. We carry a full line of 72 hr kits, 1st Aid supplies, Bulk survival foods, EMT/EMS trauma kits, Car Emergency Kits, Safety Gear, Burn kits, and more.

Water Softener
LifeSource provides the best water softener alternative to 
salt-based water softener systems. The life source water system uses no salt magnets. Maintenance free.

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They Laughed at Noah: Preparing for Natural Disasters
                     by Kellye A. Junchaya
"This is a terrific and informative book on preparing for
disasters. I feel completely ready for any emergency..."
(click on book to read the rest of this review)

The "Jupiter" lantern can burn for 72 hours!

Fun Fact: Famous Dietz Lanterns
The Dietz is the ultimate outdoor lantern. It stays lit in any weather and is very easy to use. Its unmatched quality is proven in use since 1840 on Mississippi showboats, New England whalers, steam locomotives and horse-drawn trolleys. Dietz lanterns can be used indoors or outside. Great for camping, enhancing décor, creating atmosphere, or emergency preparedness. Fuel: kerosene or lamp oil. Brightness level: 2.7-4.4 candlepower. 

You can view and purchase Dietzes by visiting Lehmans.com here.

Lehman's: Products for Simple Living since 1955.


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