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The "Jupiter" lantern can burn for 72 hours!

Fun Fact: Famous Dietz Lanterns
The Dietz is the ultimate outdoor lantern. It stays lit in any weather and is very easy to use. Its unmatched quality is proven in use since 1840 on Mississippi showboats, New England whalers, steam locomotives and horse-drawn trolleys. Dietz lanterns can be used indoors or outside. Great for camping, enhancing décor, creating atmosphere, or emergency preparedness. Fuel: kerosene or lamp oil. Brightness level: 2.7-4.4 candlepower. 

You can view and purchase Dietzes by visiting Lehmans.com here.

Lehman's: Products for Simple Living since 1955.


Family Homesteading Advocate
Simple living for the Urban and Rural Homesteader

Natural Foods Links & Resources
In The Kitchen,  The Natural Home

Food Co-op's
Food co-op's are a great resource for the family choosing to live simply and eat more natural foods.  Buying food in bulk is a smart way to shop. Not only does it greatly reduce the monthly food bill but you also create an important food storage that can be used during lean times.  Get together with several families in your church or neighborhood to put together a large enough order that is usually required for local delivery.

Here are a few co-ops that serve different areas of the U.S.:

Azure Standard
Serves the Northwest United States
A huge supply of bulk grains, beans, herbs, spices also an excellent supply of natural foods, frozen foods, organic meat, vitamins and health care products.

Ozark Cooperative Warehouse
Serves the Southern states - Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Texas with refrigerated and frozen delivery on scheduled routes.
Ozark Cooperative also carries a complete line of natural and bulk foods.

United Northeast Natural & Organic Products
Serves the Northeast, New England, mid-Atlantic, mid-western and 
southern states.
Northeast Cooperatives is a distributor of organic produce and a full line of natural foods and natural products.

ShopNatural Cooperative
Located in Tucson, Arizona, serving the Southern states. They carry many natural and organic foods. 
They also have an ecommerce site, http://www.ShopNatural.com through which they can deliver across the United States.

Door to Door Organics
A family owned small business located in Pipersville, Pa serving local areas in the greater Philadelphia area, Maryland, and New York and specializing in Bulk Organic Vegetables, and Certified Organic Fruit and Vegetables.

Oneota Community Co-op
Located in Iowa.

Something Better Natural Foods
Over 1600 products. Something Better Natural Foods began in 1983 as a family business based on the principles of country living and whole foods cooking.

If you know of another great co-op please
contact us!

Natural Beef
Neff Family Ranch is a family owned and operated ranch committed to providing high quality, wholesome 100% grass-fed  or if you prefer grain fed, beef at exceptional value.  Our cattle are raised on natural, certified organic mountain meadows and crystal clean water in a stress reduced environment.   Visit our website for more detailed information and ordering instructions.

NFR Natural Beef, Sales Manager: Alicia Hammerich, 7203 Genesee Road, Taylorsville CA 95983. (530) 284-6371. 
E-mail: nfrnaturalbeef@hotmail.com 
Website: http://www.nfrnaturalbeef.com. 

Natural Honey
Trescott Honey
Located in Western New York this natural honey producer owns two hundred hives of bees.  Great prices for pure, fresh honey.
Also check out....
BeeLite Candles & Wax
Made from 100% natural beeswax.

Links to other great natural food/living sites...

Bio Supply, Ltd.
Bio Supply offers a nice supply of Schnitzer Stone Grain Mills, Flakers, Juicers, Sprouters, Yoghurt Makers, Poppy Seed Mill, Cookbooks and more. The electric grain mills are good quality. Every thing you need for your natural kitchen. They also have a couple of articles titled Why Should I grind My own Flour?, Why Should I Flake My Own Cereal? and Why Should I Juice? You can read these articles at biosupply.com

Bread Daily
Got Bread? We do. Get yours at http://breaddaily.tripod.com/. Our site is dedicated to those who love cooking, baking, and eating bread. We have fun facts, recipes, and a free daily newsletter!  Subscribe to our newsletter and get a FREE recipe booklet!

Ethnic Grocer.com
Can't find that special ingredient for the Japanese recipe you found? Your local grocer doesn't carry Pure Spanish Saffron? Check out the Ethnic Grocer. Shop by country (there are 15 listed). The recipe section on this site is well organized. Just pick the country and then pick the category, such as breads, appetizers, main dishes, etc. Lots of recipes! Cookbooks, too! 

Everything Kitchens - Juicers, Grains Mills, and more 
Purchase many kitchen items. Brands include Bosch, Kitchen Aid,
Omega, Bamix, and much more.

The Gourmet Cookery
Gabby Goodies.  Gourmet coffee, teas, mixes & more. 

The Grain and Salt Society
Home of Celtic Sea Salt and we also sell organic foods, grain mills, juicers and more. Our quarterly newsletter features articles on healthy choices.  800-867-SALT

Happy Juicer - juicing and juicer information
Happy Juicer provides juicing and juicer information, juice recipes, juice extractor reviews, and facts about juicing fruit, vegetables, wheatgrass and herbs.

Homestead Harvest
Discover the Bounty in Your Own Backyard! Gardening resources for the home gardener.

EEverything you need to be prepared for an emergency. At iPrepare.com you will find 72 hour Survival Kits, 55 gal.Water Storage Package, First Aid Kits, Water Purification kits, Food Storage Systems, Portable Stove, Battery powered Radio, Tents, Backpacks, Solar Blankets, Tools, Supplies and a whole lot more! There is only a $5.00 flat shipping fee for orders up to $100! What are you waiting for? Get prepared at iPrepare.com.

Juicers For Less
We sell a wide selection of cookware including juicers, grain mills, blenders, yogurt makers, dehydrators, and soy milk makers.

Katies Best
All natural carpet cleaning business in new jersey, that is 100% chemical-free. 

Organic Interceptor Weed Control
Environmentally Friendly Products, Child & Pet Safe
Announcing the Worlds First Certified Organic Products for the control and eradication of Weed, Moulds and Lichens.

Pleasant Hill Grain
Fine kitchen equipment. Bosch mixer, Nutrimill grain mill & Excalibur Dehydrator Source.

Ready Foods
This site carries low moisture dehydrated foods including certified organic foods, for everyday use or long term food storage. They also have camping and survival gear, water storage supplies, juicers, grinders, emegency preparedness information, food storage information and recipes.  A good survival resource.

Stallion Store
A collection of cooking, crafting and creative resources for home chefs including recipes, e-books, freebies, contests and much, much more!!

True Foods Market
True Foods Market is a health food retailer of over 1,000 products located in Utah. They have a large selection of natural and organic foods and ship anywhere.

Vinegar and Hydrogen Peroxide as Disinfectants
by Judy Stouffer, B.S., M.S., SFO
This is an article on how to make your kitchen a cleaner, safer place and fight bacteria, without exposing yourself and your family to toxic chemicals that also damage the environment. Worth reading!

Walton Feed, Inc.
has been in business 52 years and has been providing dehydrated foods and supplies for immediate use and long term food storage for over 20 years. Considered a leader in the market, Walton Feed has been instrumental in moving forward the technology of preserving dried foods to facilitate long storage life. Moving into the area of preparing foods for immediate use, Walton Feed's products can now be found in some grocery stores through Utah and Idaho as it's foods break into mainstream use. The folks at Walton Feed are pleased to offer an alternative to the high cost of groceries and feel they can give you a real service in lowering your monthly grocery bill as well as helping you set up your food storage needs. 

**They also have an extensive self-reliance information area. Beth Durtschi's Preparedness Handouts offer great information on food storage, nutrition, health, packing your own foods and more.

Water Purifier
Water purifiers and portable water filters.

Water Softener
LifeSource provides the best water softener alternative to 
salt-based water softener systems. The life source water system uses no salt magnets. Maintenance free.

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Amazon.com Find everything you need for your natural foods kitchen! Books, cookbooks, kitchen gadgets, canning equipment and so much more I could never fit it all here!

They Laughed at Noah: Preparing for Natural Disasters
                     by Kellye A. Junchaya
"This is a terrific and informative book on preparing for
disasters. I feel completely ready for any emergency..."
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