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Below are natural remedies that have been submitted by other homesteading families. Their personal choices and uses are included here for your information. We are not endorsing their use and they are not intended to prescribe or diagnose (see Disclaimer below).
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Remedy for "pink eye" or conjunctivitis:

Bring 1 pint plus 1 teaspoon salt to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer for 20 minutes. Take off the heat and add 1/4 tsp. golden seal root powder plus 20 drops calendula tincture. Let cool. Strain. Drop into eyes several times daily. Very soothing and heals sore eyes within days. Make fresh every few days. Store in fridge. 
Please - use organically grown goldenseal root. Wild harvesting is wiping out this wonderful plant.
Ruth Cunningham, Midwife

Another good treatment for pink eye or conjunctivitis:
If you are breastfeeding, squeeze some of your breastmilk into a cup (you don't need more than about two drops per eye needing treatment) and with a clean fingertip apply enough milk to moisten the affected eye.  Do this morning and night until the infection clears up. 
It was surprising to me just how effective this treatment was when we were on vacation.
Lori Dolby
I have tried a product called colloidal silver with great results.
Jim Pike
I have had great success with and herb called Eye Bright. I use a tablespoon of the dried ground herb boiled in 1 1/2 cups water. Strain very very well. I usually strain it thru a few layers of tightly woven cotton fabric. When cooled rinse the infected eye(s) with it several times a day and always wash the persons face and your hands after doing so. I also changed their pillow case every night since its in contact with their face. I actually had my sons school call me as I had sent him back to school after only 2 days. The school nurse couldn't believe that we had cleared up pink eye in just 2 days! I don't guarantee 2 day success everytime but it has never failed me yet.
Victoria Prince
Take a pinch of chewing tobacco, add a little water to make a paste. Place on sting and leave on. It will burn a little, but it will take the pain away. In some cases, it will even stop an allergic reaction if put on the sting immediately.

I have been told by some people, that they have even used tobacco out of a cigarette. This is supposed to work as well.

I am highly allergic to bee stings. I can remember as a child, we went to a park and I got stung on the cheek by a bee. My grandfather immediately took a pinch of chewing tobacco out of his mouth (yuck! I know) and put it on my cheek. It not only took the pain away but this is the only time I can remember not ending up in the emergency room to get a shot. Over the years, since I don't chew or smoke, tobacco has not been available to me to use. But I keep a pack of chewing tobacco here at home now, rather than have to make an emergency room visit. THIS IS NOT TO SAY YOU DON'T NEED TO GO IF YOU ARE ALLERGIC, this is just to say it works for me.
Tammy S., GA

Vaginal Yeast Infections
Fill 4 gelatin caps (found at health food stores) with boric acid (found in pharmacy section). Insert 1 cap deep into the vagina each night for 2 nights, rest one night, then repeat 2 nights. If needed rest 1 night again and repeat another 2 nights.  The boric acid is specific to clearing up yeast so if you see no response you may need a culture to see if there is another culprit. Note: if you can't afford the capsules you can dampen your finger, dip it into the boric acid and apply vaginally although it won't be the same amount.
Ruth Cunningham, Midwife

For yeast infections, my midwife also had me insert  a acidophilus capsule vaginally in the morning and the boric acid in the evening. It was very effective.
Nadine Messerly
mother of seven blessings

I take three Alli-C capsules and it is immediately gone.  I wasn't sure I could believe that a garlic supplement could help me with these unbelievably bad recurring yeast infections.  Then, I found out that not one single garlic supplement available today, except for Alli-C, contains enough allicin to be medicinally effective.

I was at the heat of my infection when my order arrived so I took it and within 24 hours I didn't feel the itching and discomfort AT ALL, and it was entirely gone in 48 hours time.  I have never seen anything work this well and I have tried every product on the market.  I am now yeast infection free and it's been 5 months now which is wildly uncommon for me.

For more information about Alli-C and to order, go to:

I am VERY grateful I don't ever have to take creams 7-10 days out of every month any more or buy $20 pills from the doctor that DON'T work in just one treatment.  Uggggh.  This is a true God-send.  Plus, it is taken orally, not inserted into your vagina.  That alone is awesome. LOL
Blessings, Angela Fox

I have tried the boric acid "yeast infection remedy" two months ago, when I was just starting to itch really bad. It suddenly gave me a severe urinary tract infection. I would advise others to take this seriously before actually tring this. I am also allergic to monistat. 
Remedies that are really helpful are to: 
1 To take garlic tablets. 
2 To Take iron and zinc. 
3  To not take bathes and boil underwear to kill yeast, because regular cloths washer does not kill bacteria. 
4. For some people inserting garlic clove in the vagina, but for me this burned. 
5. Boric acid inserted into the vagina could give you a bigger problem, urinary tract infection! 
6. I am going to try seasilver, found at www.seasilver.com, I have heard good things that these sea vitamins can help cure just about anything. 
For prompt relief...
1. apply non pasturized plain yogurt to vaginal area, and insert with tampon. 
2. If you are allergic to monistat you can use the off-brand. Like equate at Walmart. 
3. Do not douche or insert medicines you are wary of, because they could make you worse.


Intestinal Gas Relief
Gas can be alleviated with ginger tea.  Ginger increases blood flow, so if you are pregnant and spotting, at all, DO NOT Drink Ginger TEA!
 1. I like to spice it up a bit, but you can use it straight. 
Slice 1 inch fresh ginger into 2 cups fresh water, ( do not use water that's already been boiled).  Simmer for 20 to 30 minutes, depending on how spicy you like it.  Add milk and honey, YUM.  Kids love it TOO! 
2. 6 cups water, 2" sliced fresh ginger, 12 whole cardamon seeds, 10 whole cloves, 4 cinnamon sticks,10 whole peppercorns.  Simmer for 20 minutes at least.  I like to let it sit to cool, then leave it in the fridge to heat up or drink cold.  Just add honey when hot, or not!
Estyr     www.pregnancydecisions.com
Colic Relief
Colic is easily remedied by baking a whole onion in the microwave, in skin, in saran, and when it gets soft, squeeze out the juice, and mix with sugar, just a little, and feed baby. He or she will be cooing before you know it. Natural opium, they say, is the reasoning.
Anita Jones
"The" Cure for Warts
Thuja is well and commonly known in the UK as "the" cure for warts, and I believe that it works (it's the only thing in 15 years that has).
Jeffrey, CA

My daughter has had planters warts for two years, and we visited the Dr. frequently. Finally I read somewhere to apply duct tape to them and leave it on, changing it daily.  This works! 
Shannon from PA
Croup & Coughs
I have used homeopathic remedies off and on for over 2 decades. Many have worked and been helpful, but many have not.
Here is one remedy that really worked for us for croup. Croup has been a very difficult illness for our family to find a natural remedy for. Doctors have placed many a mask over our children during their childhood bouts of croup, and told us to put the child in cold air to breathe as long 
as they are warmly dressed, and this will often offset the croup. 
Well, although it afforded some relief the child would eventually have to be run to emergency for a dose of ventilin, some form of prednisone and even vallium for panic. The croup tent would have to be used, and the child would stick like glue to mom for fears unnecessarily placed on the child due to the sudden onset of the attack.
The recipe for croup cure that we have found goes as follows:
1. at the first sign of a hoarse voice or sniffles remove ALL dairy products from the child's diet and replace with soy or water and juices. This includes, yogurt, cheese, puddings, and especially ice cream.
2. place a cool mist or vaporiser in the child's room well ahead of bedtime as this is the time where most serious attacks ocurred for us.
3. We use Vicks brand of rub for the child's mostly throat area, and some of the upper chest.
4.During the sudden attack, Bryonia and Aconite have been used according to directions. If you have a homeopathic book, check the symptoms of your child 
and match them to either of these two remedies. Bryonia has helped our children breathe easier within ten minutes, something even the ventilin mask or prednisone never did.
5. During the days of "noisy" breathing, offer the child some hot foods, such as hot peppers in chili or garlicky salads and such. This keeps him on the mend. Also hot beverages (that are not junk) and some homemade light 
broth soups have been excellent. We have used chicken soup broth and tomato vegetable soups that are light, 
with a little dash of tobasco or similar.
6. Keep your child on a regular dose of fish liver oil, usually halibut is recommended due to the lesser mercury content of the fish. Vitamin A has been shown to keep mucous membranes in good health, thus preventing such 
attacks or viruses to take hold.
Wendy Guy, mom to nine blessings
Rubbing Vapor Rub or Mentholatum on the feet helps get rid of coughing during the night.  I saw this on a t.v. health program & tried it with my daughter & it worked better than cough medicine!! 
Sylvia,  OK
Clear Sinuses
I have been practicing this helpful hint for the past three years ever since it was told to me by the daughter of an Herbalist.  It may sound quite vulgar but it surely works.  Take the tablets of Goldenseal, grind them up to a fine 
powder and sniff a little up each nostril.  It clears my sinuses.
Pregnancy & Childbirth
While pregnant I used Slippery Elm--makes everything slippery.  I had a very successful homebirth with my twin girls at 40 weeks.  And I joked they kinda slipped out.  I also had no sign of hemorrhoids or constipation after I began the slippery Elm and I do not remember much heartburn either.
Cheryl Moore
Heartburn With Pregnancy
I wanted to share with you what the midwife we had for our third delivery suggested:  a glass of water with as 
much lemon juice as you can stand.  At first try, I thought in the first few seconds that I would explode-- but then the heartburn was instantly gone!  On really bad instances, I skipped the water took a half-filled tablespoon measure of lemon juice alone--excellent results!
Poison Ivy Cure
If you have been exposed to poison ivy or oak, dig up the root of a polk stalk, put in a pot and cover it with water, boil it for 30 minutes then strain through a white cloth. Apply the root water to the blisterd area. The hotter you can stand it the better. This will sting but in just a few minutes the blister will start to weep and after 3 or 4 applications it will dry up. I have not found anyone who has had a adverse reaction to the polk juice but you may want to try it out on just a small area first.
Donnie Willis
I just came across your web site, and found it full of some extremely interesting things.  When I got to your "Remdies" I couldn't help but think of how my family has always used mustard on burns, any kind of burn that is.  It's saved all of us from the mercy of sunburns.  Just putting already prepared mustard on the burns has saved us from the suffering of blistering, the long lasting deep burning effect you get.  It's been wonderful!
Nicole Harmon, Oklahoma

I am the youngest child of a family of 15 children but now am a grandmother of 17 children. That being said, I have many natural home remedies as my grandmother was a midwife and many people came to her for doctoring  of other things also! I saw the burn remedies and have a great one of my own....
With a teaspoon, scrape a raw potato (no need to peel, just halve it ) and apply it to the burn. Leave it on until it turns brownish in color. This does not take very long at all to turn. The potato draws the burn out and usually there is not even blistering left. It really works great! My sister ran into me with a pot of hot coffee when we were young and spilled the entire pot over me. My parents tore off my clothes and put me on the daybed, and began scraping potatoes and applying them in the fashion described above. I never had any blistering . I had only one small red spot about the size of a pencil eraser on my neck area that healed in 24 hours. I have used this remedy ever since.
Karen W.

For Boils....use Bacon fat.  Cover w/bandaid. Change daily.  Ususally gone within three days.  I am an inhome nurse and have treated many boils.  One patient would not do it at the same time another would . Well, within three days the one who did it found her boil gone.  The other went to the Dr.  She was on anibiotics for 10 days...no releif.  Tried the remedy and within 3 days, Voila!  Gone.  This is just the fat of bacon.

A tea made of whole celery seed used two to four times a day will clear up a urinary tract infection in a day or two if used reasonably early.  Two people I know can green corn silk each summer to use for the infection.  I dont know if they drink the canned juice or make a tea with it, but both swear by it.

Drink two alka-seltzer tablets in the recommended amount of water on package, drink 100% cranberry juice, and lots of water.

I already knew about the Alka seltzer but had never tried. My daughter ended up in the emergency the other night with a UTI and pus in her bladder. The doctor prescribed a high dose of bactrim. This had done nothing by the next day. She was still running a very high fever and crying in pain. She is allergic to pyridium, which is good for pain. At any rate, I had her drink the alka seltzer in Cranberry juice (in water, it tastes horrible and she couldn't get it down). Within about 15 minutes she was not hurting and never did complain or run a fever after that.  I have tried it now as well, I never even had to go to the doctor.
Tammy S., GA

For urinary tract/kidney infections I take cornsilk capsules, and drink cranberry juice. I also eat yogurt with live cultures, and also take acidophilus capsules...because I think that yeast infections contribute to UTI's...But overall the cornsilk alone works very well.


 I found my self in a dilemma when my children came down with ring worm playing in puddles of water in the street after a rain storm.  I had some "flower of sulphur"  and needed a medium , so I used intensive care lotion , about 2 ounces and 2 teaspoons of the sulphur.  Mix well and apply on the spots . The spots will be gone in a few days . 

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DISCLAIMER The herbal information you find here is not intended to prescribe or diagnose in any way and is not to be used against medical advice. It should not be used as a substitute for professional help. The intent here is to offer our personal use and opinion of herbs and their benefits. Those who are sick should research the alternatives and consult their chosen health professional.


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