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WAHM, SAHM & Family Business Links

WAHM's (Work At Home Mom), SAHM's (Stay At Home Mom) and
homebusinesses are on the rise. This will most definitely have a positive impact on our society at large. When Mom's stay home 
their children receive more attention and instruction, not 
to mention the influence by example to become self-sufficient
and to become entrepreneur's themselves.
By supporting WAHM's, SAHM's and small home businesses you are helping to make our world a better place!

Help support the businesses on this page and any 
homebusiness that you may know about. 
Your future depends on it!

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Types of Businesses Featured:


Does Your Infant or Toddler have Severe Food Allergies?
Products for Mom & Dad, too!

Handcrafted Jewelry

Jules Jewelry
Unique * Hand-Crafted * Custom Designed Jewelry

Horn's Jewelry
We are a home based business built on the foundation of  a homesteading venture dating back almost 33 years involving backcountry, home power, (hydro, solar,wind) homeschooling, farming, house building and business building. Since this project predates the back to nature movement of the 70's I have seen a lot of people come and fail at homesteading ventures so this is to encourage those that are starting and those that dream too start such a venture. For a book about the venture go to:
Our jewelry designs fall under a number of themes such as; 
Nature  (animals, insects flowers, etc) 
Spiritual  (crosses etc.) 
Southwestern  (belt buckles, medallions etc.)
Petroglyph  (designs based rock petroglyphs)
Traditional ( hearts and flower etc.)
Mythical  (designs based on ancient myths)
Wind Ice and Rock  (rock climbing jewelry)

Non-Toxic household products

Moms Win
This website is about natural products to use in your home. The products are all children safe!  I love them.  It is also a stay at home internet business that is great for stay at home moms like me.  I have three children and I homeschool.  This business has helped me make my goal of raising my children. Thank you for looking at my site.
Shoni Evans

Aromatherapy Oils

The Gateway To Wellness
Please check us out. We are stay at home moms and these products have worked tried and true for our families.
Trish Anderson

Books and Authors

We Walked the Tall Grass
by Marcella Horn, founder of Horn's Jewelry (see above). An exciting story about the life and adventures of a family living and learning away from civilization.

Usborne Books At Home
Usborne Books are educational books for children from ages 0-99. They are not only extremely informational but are so wonderfully illustrated. If you have never seen or heard of Usborne before, I implore you check out our 1100+ titles and educational products. They also work in conjunction with many homeschooling cirriculums.  Email me for a free list of those cirriculums and corresponding books. This has been an excellent way for me to stay at home with my 2 year old daughter born with spina bifida and to make extra income in a business that promotes literacy. If you would like a free information packet on this opportunity, please email me at


Affordable Luxuries is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Premier Products, an International distributor for Yankee Candle, so if you are looking for a home party plan that carries the brands your customers already know and love AL is a wonderful place to start!   We offer a generous hostess plan, party guest incentives and great consultant benefits.  Kits start at just $32.50, shipping included, with no quotas. Please visit my site for additional information:

Caterpillars Soy Candles
Clean burning, artist crafted pillar candles, soy wax jar candles, soy wax votive candles, soy tarts, wholesale, retail and private label, drenched with the maximum amount of scent, hand poured natural candles.

Hand Knit by Tonya
Natural Fiber simple waldorf-inspired hand knit baby dolls - A homeschooling, simple living Mom of 4 with #5 due March 31.

Heirloom Wooden Toys
Rediscover beautiful handcrafted wooden toys.

Linda's Gifts 
Hand Poured Candles, Bath & Body products, Gourmet Food and more. 

Linda's Gourmet Goodies
Gourmet Gifts for All Occasions

Mum's Bums
**Home of the ORIGINAL suede cloth diaper**
I am Amy Quinn. I have 4 children ages 7 -15 months. I love staying at home w/ my kids. Someday I will homeschool. I sew diapers for others to help bring in some money and to satisfy my creative urges. My site is outdated a bit and Clay and I are working on that in our spare time!! (Is there such a thing as SPARE time?)
A rustic decorating community with quality wood rustic wall decorations, and porcelain on steel nostalgic signs for rustic,
primitive or country decorating.

Seasons Originals 
"Seasons" is part of a whole new kind of shopping experience! We offer high quality natural items, hand made by some of the most talented women in business, in one boutique for a sensible way to shop! Our unique collection of in-stock natural goods reflect the joy of each new season, presented with loving hands from our home to yours. Items for the whole family: cloth diapers & covers, yoga accessories, heirloom clothing, natural bath & body items, natural play toys & silks, quilts, handmade jewelry, natural fabric & notions, and clothing for everyone from mom & dad to the kids!

Sweet Appreciations
Mixes in Decorative Fabric bags, fabric gift bags, Peanut Brittle, candy, and during winter months fudge and chocolate lollipops. We also carry soap products and aprons for that special cook, bath and both gift sets in decorative gift bags. We even carry Patriotic House decorations!!!

Fireside Soapworks
Visit us on the web to see our Luxurious, Handmade Soaps and Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats. 


Echoes of Time offers a delightful collection of clothing and accessories fashioned from vintage fabrics, hankies, buttons, linens, and chenille bedspreads. All original designs. Go take a look!
Online Children's Bargain Store. Offering new and used baby clothes, children's clothing and toys. Shipping upscale resale WorldWide! 

Household Products - Beautiful Quilts for Elegant Homes
Baby, Hawaiian and Classic quilts in fabulous designs. Beautiful decor for any room in your home. 

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